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SEO as a marketing practice has earned a black eye. This can be attributed to the prevalence of shady, fly-by-night SEO agencies who claim to be “wizards”, “gurus”, or “ninjas” or even to have special insight into Google’s search algorithm that no one else has.

Let us be the first to tell you that there is nothing magical about SEO. There are no secret tricks or special sauces for success. Great SEO requires diligence, creativity, and technical expertise. Despite popular perception, it does not require the ability to swing a samurai sword.

GoMedia has partnered with Ethical SEO Consulting to ensure that you avoid making the mistake of hiring a “ninja” and instead hire a team of passionate SEO thought leaders who have earned their client’s business not through fancy nicknames and guarantees, but through consistently excellent results.


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Our SEO Process

We provide both on-demand SEO consulting, and retainer-based monthly SEO campaigns.

We begin every engagement with our comprehensive SEO audit and strategy. This is absolutely fundamental to our client’s success.

The audit will tell you everything about your SEO that needs to be improved and how to improve it. It also lays out a road map for what types of efforts you should pursue in order to keep improving your site’s SEO performance, along with information on what we would charge in order to manage your SEO project.

Many of our clients have seen an incredible ROI as a result of our SEO audit without committing to any on-going SEO investment! Similarly, many clients have seen the results of our initial work and have decided that they would like to partner with us on an on-going basis. Either path is just fine by us!