Are you mobile? is! Homepage, Travel AbroadHave you visited on your mobile or tablet recently? GoAbroad has officially launched the mobile website, allowing users to have a unique search experience while on the go! The site has been created in order to be a unique experience for mobile users; allowing them to quickly and easily access information on programs through an app style mobile design. It is exciting to be one of the first organizations in our industry to take the initiative of being mobile friendly!

The year 2012 has been dubbed 'The Year of Mobile.' Why am I not surprised? Studies have shown that 69% of Americans access the internet daily through their mobile phone and this only continues to rise.  By 2014, mobile searches will surpass that of desktops, meaning users will no longer be reaching for their desktop or laptop, but rather their smartphone or tablet to access the interent. What does this mean to you? That it is becoming overly important to have a website that is mobile friendly.

GoAbroad recognized that over 12% of website traffic came from a mobile device; this was a good amount of traffic considering the site wasn't optimized for mobile and with the growing number of mobile users, it was obvious that the site need to go mobile!

The design was developed so that it would be simple and easy to be used, and that the information was easy access through acordian style folders to eliminate massive amounts of scrolling, and the major call-to-actions (Inquire & Go to website) were placed right in the main view of users. This was all determined through a comprehensive analysis of what a user needed to have quick access to, and therefore that is what directed the design.

Now, open your website on your mobile phone, is it usable or not? Ask yourself, can you adequately navigate through the pages? Are the buttons too small for your fingers? How about the information? Does it require a microscope or does it take 10 seconds of zooming in to make it legible? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then it is probably time to start thinking about investing in a mobile version of your site!

If this is what prospective participants are viewing when they come to your site through a web search or even from a site like GoAbroad, do you think that they will spend time on your site? Or will they simply look else where because your site was too difficult to navigate? Eliminate this issue, and be the first of your competition to engage these participants that are too busy to be in front of a computer; get them while they are in class, commuting to work or school, or simply killing time!

Want some advice? We can help! GoMedia is currently accepting client projects for our mobile website division. With the limited number of projects that we can accept, be sure to get in touch first! Email me at or catch me on Skype – jonathan.miers to discuss how we can help take you mobile!

- Jonathan Miers

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