GoAbroad NetworkThe GoAbroad Network is both an online social network for study abroad students and travelers and a group management system for organizations. With GoAbroad.NET, any organization or university office can connect with past, current, and future participants through easy to use tools.

Participants create a GoAbroad.NET account where they can meet other participants in their program, post questions and information, and find program specific details. During their experience abroad, participants can blog, share photos, upload videos, join groups, and keep in contact while automatically sharing their updates on other social networks like Facebook.

For travelers, GoAbroad.NET provides a way to stay in touch, not only with friends and family back home, but also with their sponsoring organization. It provides a natural, centralized place for alumni to stay connected or reconnect, and provides a direct, interactive place to connect with your organization.

GoAbroad.NET also provides great marketing opportunities by creating a network of travelers sharing amazing experiences while on your programs, which will inspire and engage future participants as well. To further enhance the marketing impact of GoAbroad.NET, ask us about how to get your branded GoAbroad.NET community.

Centralize where your participants share, engage, and blog their experience with the GoAbroad Network!