What the Twitter & Google Partnership Means for International Education

Over the last couple of weeks, blogs and news media alike have been discussing the pending Twitter and Google partnership. What partnership you ask? It has now been reported that in the first half of 2015, tweets will begin to appear in Google search results – real time!


What does this mean for organizations in international education? Quite a few things:

1. If you’re not on Twitter, get there.

Our clients, and several of our colleagues in the field, have been skeptical of Twitter for years. What does it do? Is it worth it? More often than not, those that are questioning the benefits of the channel don’t use it personally, therefore don’t understand the potential the channel has for international education organizations. Without this partnership, Twitter is a valuable place to be sharing content and engaging with users. With this partnership, the benefits active Twitter users currently enjoy could increase exponentially.

2. If you’re not active on Twitter, get active.

Real-time and consistent content will be key in taking advantage of this new partnership. Twitter is already a highly active channel and requires a high quantity of posting and engagement to see good results. Now that tweets will be appearing in Google results, the shelf life of a tweet will likely be extended, but you better believe your tweet will be competing with several other tweets! For perspective, the current *daily* average number of tweets is 500 MILLION! (Don’t worry, we can help you be more active!)

3. Start sharing meaningful content on your Twitter account.

To be more specific, you should be posting content that links to your URL(s) or website. Unless your goal is to drive traffic somewhere other than your website, blog, online application, inquiry form, etc., your tweets should include links to those locations. The trick is creating content that is worth sharing! Here’s an example of the kind of content that performs well on social.

4. Even people (prospective participants) who aren’t on Twitter will be able to discover your content!

This is huge. Not only for Google and Twitter, but for you! One of the limitations to social networking sites is that you’re often limited to reaching only the users that are connected to you on that platform. With Twitter, this is no longer the case. Now every Google user has the potential to stumble across your content in search results. Amazing, right?

We’re super excited about this development and hope you are too! Questions? Contact us today!

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