3 Reasons GoMedia is Better Than a Social Media Intern

Don’t get us wrong, interns are a great thing to have, and can often provide fresh perspectives, as well as that extra capacity you need to get work done. However, when it comes to managing your organization’s social media, there are a few reasons why we suggest that putting an intern in charge may not[…]

5 Social Media Strategies for Student Recruitment

Gearing up for the Fall recruitment season? Whether you’re a university study abroad or international programs office, or an international education provider, or somewhere in between, social media has the potential to help you improve your recruiting process! GoMedia has come up with five different strategies for using social media for student recruitment and we[…]

Social Media Benefits

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

On the most basic level, social media refers to the tools and platforms that combine technology and social interaction. This combination facilitates the sharing of ideas, information, photos and other content in online networks and communities. With the rise of social media in recent years, companies are slowly realizing that a powerful marketing tool has[…]