How to Find the Right CRM for Your Business

In this day and age keeping your leads organized is vital! In our information age you have to be two or three steps ahead of your customers at all times. As you are operating your business, growing your contact lists, and increasing your outreach you need to make sure you make the most out of your efforts. At some point  business owners find themselves saying, “How do I find the CRM for my business?” 

It is vital that you use the right CRM system for your business

If you are going to invest in a system to manage your customers it needs to be something your team will use, and increases their productivity. How to tell if a CRM is right for you:

  1. Do the projected savings or increased conversions outweigh the cost?
  2. Will they support you through the transition process?
  3. Can you manage your whole process in one system?

Do the projected savings or increased conversions outweigh the cost?

The answer to this question will tell you a lot about the value of a system. However, how do you even begin to answer it? Below are a couple of options on how to evaluate a CRM system.

Time Savings Analysis: As you research your options see if they offer a time savings report. Here is an example of Time Savings Report from GoAbroad HQ is a CRM system designed specifically for companies that send or receive participants on any type of travel or excursion. Once you know roughly how much time a system can save you quantify the value of your time.

Projected Amount of Time Saved * Value of Time = Benefit of your new CRM system

Compare the benefit to the cost of the system you are consider

Increase Conversion Analysis: What are your potential benefits from this new CRM system? Are you going to be able to increase your total leads? If you are able to increase your leads by 10% will that lead to an increase in sales by 10%? If you make assumptions like that you can compare the increase benefit to the cost.

Will they support you during your transition process?

Ask the company how they will support you during your transition. Additionally make sure to ask the cost of that support. Most of the time they will say something along the lines of “It is a case by case basis, but we are happy to help!” That is code for “We are going to charge you for it, but we won’t tell you that until you’ve signed a contract.” Make sure to ask all the right questions so you have realistic expectations when you begin using your new system.

Here are some good questions to ask before purchasing a CRM System: 

  • What is the average cost of supported on-boarding?
  • How do you charge for support time?
  • Is it easy to remove my data from the system?

Can you manage your whole business process in one system?

You are getting a CRM system to increase your efficiency, not decrease it. If you choose systems based on your emergency needs you are going to end up with a hodgepodge of systems. Ultimately that is going to decrease your efficiency. You should look at your business holistically and ask can this manage all of my processes?  Although many systems are customizable that doesn’t mean you can manipulate them enough to meet your needs.

GoAbroad HQ is a perfect example of a system that is designed for a niche industry – companies that facilitate people traveling or attending excursions. It is designed to manage the full lifecycle from lead through alumni easily and effectively!

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