3 Reasons GoMedia is Better Than a Social Media Intern

Don’t get us wrong, interns are a great thing to have, and can often provide fresh perspectives, as well as that extra capacity you need to get work done. However, when it comes to managing your organization’s social media, there are a few reasons why we suggest that putting an intern in charge may not be the best solution.

3 Reasons Why

1. Social Media is Part of Your Reputation

According to jeffbulas.com, 47% of Americans say Facebook is their #1 influencer of purchases, and a whopping 93% of businesses are using social media. Gone are the days of wondering whether or not social should be a part of your business strategy. Also gone are the days when you thought maybe people wouldn’t see your incomplete profile or the link you posted with a 404 error. That being said, your social media presence is a large part of your organization’s reputation, and should be used strategically to represent your mission and help achieve your organizational objectives. As a result, an intern may not always have the knowledge or skill to employ a social strategy that is up to par.

At GoMedia, we’ve taken the time to train capable and experienced community managers that can help you not only develop a social media strategy that will benefit your business in the best ways possible, but also implement those strategies in a consistent and professional manner.

2. GoSocial Saves You Money

On average, GoSocial (GoMedia’s social media solutions) can save you up to 49% per year on social media costs! Let’s say you hire an intern for up to 30 hours per week at $10 USD per hour. That adds up to $15,600 USD per year, not including overhead, taxes, etc. Alternatively, you can have a dedicated GoMedia community manager managing your social media for as little as $8,000 USD per year. We know, it’s pretty awesome!

3. We’re Experts in International Education

We understand international education AND we understand the audience you’re trying to reach, both essential in helping any international education organization achieve success with social media. Not only are our staff experienced international educators, but our clients have given our community managers even more experience in understanding the types of content, campaigns, and overall strategies that are most attractive to your target audience. Since 2011 we’ve had the pleasure of providing full management and consulting services to a range of international education organizations including university offices, study, intern, volunteer, work, and TEFL providers, as well as other service providers within the field. While we know there are rockstar interns out there (some of us once were), we’re pretty proud of our client list and the community managers that are dedicated to helping grow the field of international education through social media.

Have we convinced you? Give us a call to learn more about GoMedia and how we can help you take your social media to the next level: +1.720.570.1702 ext. 4024. Hope to hear from you soon!

You can also read more about GoMedia and our packages HERE.

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