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At GoMedia, we have a mission to help make a difference in the lives of our clients and their customers. To do this, we provide quality marketing services tailored specifically to international education and travel organizations. GoMedia seeks to improve efficiency, create effective campaigns, cultivate genuine relationships, and help grow businesses in a meaningful way.



Social Media

GoMedia offers cost-effective, expertly-managed solutions that assist international education and travel organizations in maximizing the impact of social media, generating brand recognition, and increasing followers and potential participants.

SEO Services

GoMedia has partnered with Ethical SEO Consulting to ensure that you get a team of passionate SEO thought leaders who have earned their client’s business not through fancy nicknames and guarantees, but through consistently excellent results.

Website Design

GoMedia will utilize our expertise in current web trends, analytics, user generated content, search engine optimization, and a unique understanding of the international education and travel fields to create the best site for your organization’s needs.


GoMedia, powered by, has been designed to provide your organization with the opportunity to have the most complete, efficient online marketing initiatives possible. From SEO to social media, we're here to help!
We're the experts in online marketing for education abroad.

Leading the education abroad sector in social media management, GoMedia has also worked with many on improving search engine optimization (SEO) and website design since 2011. As a division of, GoMedia seeks to provide a one-stop shop for any international education organization’s online marketing needs.

Our GoMedia team consists of experts, not only in website maximization, but education abroad and the trends in both markets. They are dedicated to providing services that produce unique, dynamic, and interactive online presences to promote your services.

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Our GoMedia team consists of experts, not only in website maximization, but education abroad and the trends in both markets.
Kayla Patterson
GoMedia Director
Kayla has been with GoAbroad & GoMedia since 2011. She is always ready to master new up and coming opportunities, share her vast knowledge with others, and often finds herself “drunk on idea juice” after a successful brainstorming session.
Dawn Noyes
GoMedia Assistant
Dawn is an invaluable member of the GoMedia team, helping manage all sales and outreach efforts, as well as day to day management. She is passionate about travel, culture immersion, and language!
Joy Amor Moreno
Social Media Manager
Based in GoAbroad’s Philippines office, Joy brings several years of social media management experience to the GoMedia team. She loves Ugg boots and chocolate!


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